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Todd Patrick is a luxury menswear brand that expresses cultures through fabric and storytelling. Its aesthetic is fueled by blending cultures and decades of styles seamlessly into one voice. A modern take of future trends, weaved in with long lasting traditions. Each garment, is hand cut and sewn in New York.

Desyree Nicole began as a menswear stylist, creating experimental garments she did not see, but wanted to acquire for her clients. Naming the brand after her Brother, Todd Patrick, she began crafting her way into the industry. She takes pride in being a woman of color entrepreneur, creating luxury fashion in the menswear realm, pushing the envelope continuously forward.


EST. 2016




Todd Patrick is a seamless blend between contemporary & luxury clothing in the fashion realm. The brand came about in response to creating a better future. A mindset to take the good with the bad and never be afraid to push the envelope, and put on for who you are. Our goal was to begin creating pieces that have been stored in our brains and motivate the next; those forever garments that are in your wardrobe. From sketches, to silhouettes, to timeless pieces, Todd Patrick has grown into a brand, beyond clothing. Welcome to our journey.